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Here are some of Alaya's words about satsang:

“Satsang is a meeting in truth. Everything is pointing to truth, nothing is tending to separation and the dreamstate. Fully bowing to presence, what is arising, what is suffering.


"What is present and arising in you is the invitation. Honor this arising and bow to it. As you deepen into the inquiry of what is simply here, you are led home."

“So my question today and always is how may I serve the Sangha as it is a direct reflection and in truth my very own Self? How may I be of service to you my Beloved? As this


group we meet together to dive into the illusion of the apparent form. The separate self that thinks in separate ways. We inquire into what is real and what remains when all this madness is opened to, released, and moves on. [Then we see] the truth of what remains. What is simply just here. What is always here. This is what makes this energy and form rise and bow to you – to serve you and me in this way – inquiring and ever deepening with the open heart. Untying the knots of suffering to reveal our true nature as Grace itself. Grace moves everywhere like gravity – like water moving with the current. Within, without, as everything. Always moving to dissolve separation. Always, always pointing you within.”


“Question your beliefs, perspectives, ideas, feelings and inquire with an open heart into what manifests them. Allow them to un-manifest. What remains is stillness, presence and love. This is the natural state of who you are. Every moment provides you with the opportunity to wake up. You don't have to be on a mountain top to find what you need. All is already here and showing up in your regular life. The invitation is always here, always arising and pointing you within, pointing you home.”

 “What I love about working with Alaya, and being with her: Alaya takes all the wisdom of the heart, the simplicity of opening to what is here, and takes it all the way down into the crevices of everything. It’s never out, it’s always in, so that whatever is here gets infused with the truth – a revealing of love inside the nature of all our experiences. We don’t need to go anywhere else. In fact, it’s better to stay inside of what is happening for us now. No more running.”

~ A Participant


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