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“Finding Alaya has been an astonishing gift. She embodies Truth and Presence and does so with a vibrant humanity. Spiritual teacher, mother, householder…she is in the world, but not of it. She is completely attuned to the tiniest nuance of how we can fall into separation and shows me my blind spots with incredible compassion and wisdom. A profound and true Teacher.”




“Alaya is a gently ruthless guide; always nudging me along the path of inquiry, while consistently reminding me that what I seek is what I already have. She is a rare find, and I feel fortunate beyond measure to be able to work with her.”



"Alaya has a very gentle way of untangling truth from suffering . Whether in a small group or a retreat, her down to earth, loving presence guides me back home."



“With tenderness, and with great consistency and courage, Alaya guides those who come to her to their Heart's deepest prayer. She has helped me to meet things directly and simply, in ways that are healing when that is called for, but also with consistent gravity toward true liberation. She evokes our true teacher from within us and laughs with us as we bump into things while still groggy — waking up. Her devotion to Truth here and here and here is of deep service to Life as it wakes up in each of us.”





"I had reached a point in my spiritual journey where I realized that what I wanted and needed was a spiritual teacher I could talk to, in person, and ask questions. I wanted to be face to face and have real human interaction. Just about then, my best friend told me about Alaya. I was skeptical at first but I soon realized, after seeing her in satsang, that she was the real deal. I was overjoyed when I realized I could have one to one personal sessions with her. I can honestly say that this was a live-changing series of events. Her non-structured way of teaching, focusing on the things appearing in my life each day, has transformed my life in more ways that I can list. I am forever grateful for her loving, but firm, guidance."



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